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Birthstone: April

The most treasured and valuable gem stones are surely diamonds. They have come to symbolise love, commitment and devotion. Hence, diamond jewellery are valued not just for their intrinsic value but also for what they stand for.

When choosing diamonds it’s useful to be aware or what the industry referes to as the four C’s. These are cut, colour, clarity and carat.


Diamond Cut

The cut of a diamond is very important as it determines how the stone reacts to light and therefore the sparkle. The human eye sees the sparkle first. In an ideal cut maximum light that is bounced around within the stone exits at the top surface as in the centre image above. Poorer cuts lose some of the light to the sides or base of the stone. At Deeply Diamonds we simply don’t sell poorly cut diamonds.



Whilst there are fancy coloured diamonds available traditionally we expect diamonds to be as clear as possible or at least as clear as budget allows. At Deeply Diamonds we only sell diamonds graded from J to D according to the chart below.

Diamond Colour


Diamond Clarity

Diamonds are formed from carbon bearing material in the Earth’s mantle at depths of roughly between 140 and 190 kilometres. These materials are subjected to high pressures and temperatures for thousands of years. There are few places on the planet where these conditions occur. Given all of these variables it is rare to find perfect stones with no foreign material or black carbon within them known as inclusions. The less inclusions the rarer and more expensive the diamond. At Deeply Diamonds we only sell SI1 and above.



Diamond Carat Weight

Naturally the size of the diamond is directly related to its cost to buy. It’s important to note that diamond values increase at full carat and half carat points so you can make significant savings by choosing a stone of say 0.97 carats that visually will look no different to a 1 carat stone.

Armed with this information you can now browse our store and choose your diamond jewellery wisely.