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About Us


Hi, I’m Malcolm Cooper. I grew up around the jewellery business in Manchester. My brother served his apprenticeship at the work benches of the famous Brissendens Jewellers on Deansgate in the 1960’s. I followed him into the business much later. Combined we have over 50 years experience in jewellery, diamonds and gem stones. We’ve used that experience to bring together the very best jewellery available online in the UK.

The internet has revolutionised our lives and our shopping habits. Many thought that people would not want to buy diamond jewellery online but they are wrong.¬†Traditional jewellers shops are very expensive to operate. They have to be in prime retail sites, very well fitted and finished and need big stock holding to satisfy the High Street customer. The staff need to be bright and smart too. All of this doesn’t come cheap and I almost forgot the huge insurance and security costs. All of this has to be paid for out of profits on sales. In other words it has to be paid for by you.

The internet has changed all of this. Now top jewellers can operate from cheaper, low profile premises without the glitzy cabinets and fittings. We need fewer staff and less security. Stock holding can be smaller too because we can make to your order and we can offer a greater choice too.

At Deeply Diamonds you’ll finds thousands of beautiful items and hundreds of professional jewellers ready to meet your needs. We are real people too so if you have any questions or need any help please contact us.

Malcolm Cooper
Deeply Diamonds