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The 4 C’s of Diamonds

December 17, 2016 / no comments, on Uncategorized

If you research buying diamonds or diamond jewellery you will certainly come across the expression “The 4 C’s”. These are Cut, Colour, Carat, Clarity. Whilst these four measures are a very good start when evaluating a diamond there are more things to consider. Another “C” of course is cost so we’d better add that one […]

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What Kind of Engagement Ring Does She Want?

November 6, 2016 / no comments, on Uncategorized

The big moment, “The One Where You Ask Her to Marry You” episode of your life story, is getting closer. You’re dying to propose, but in all your eagerness, you’ve forgotten something vital to your SO’s happiness: What kind of ring does she want? A family heirloom may be a beautiful tradition, but does it truly […]

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Ethical Diamonds

January 10, 2016 / no comments, on Uncategorized

Deeply Diamonds along with the global diamond industry, has a zero-tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Through measures such as the Kimberley Process, which tracks diamonds from mine to market, the industry in partnership with the United Nations, governments, and non-governmental organizations, polices diamond exports to prevent the trade of illegal diamonds. At Deeply Diamonds, we […]

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